27 November 2011

elections here and there

It has been interesting watching elections, or non elections, in my two countries.

In Italy there is not a single elected politician in the actual governing body. Will there be any obvious changes in my daily life? Somehow I doubt it, but time alone will tell.

In New Zealand the well established democracy provided some interesting scenarios. New Zealand First staged the "impossible" comeback, and will be adding some sparkle to the daily grind of politics. The Green Party set a world first, by being the first Green party in the world to obtain over 10% of the vote. A former pupil came close to taking the Auckland Central seat and will be in parliament as a list member.


It has been windy, but today is glorious. I am electing what to do, today, tomorrow, and ever onwards. I am enjoying family, and once again contemplating my life. Will I become more nomadic? Should I have a base in New Zealand as well as in Italy? Or should I simply accept that my time in NZ is over, and plan as though I am an Italy-based nomad?

I value my freedom, my independence, and my quiet times. When I go to the city I am so glad to get out again. Am I a hermit, after all?

Today I am grateful for family and choices.

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