2 November 2011

harsh treatment

Gone are most of my stylised trees. I'll be back later, hoping to finish it completely tonight. Not easy, being this drastic, and I liked the playful version with the trees about to roll off the canvas. But this is a serious work... and I need to make the rest of the trees realistic too!

Big big sigh...


I am excited about where natural instinct is taking my painting when I let it! I can feel some fun works coming :-)

Today I am grateful for resolve.


Anonymous said...

there is an arrival happening here Kay. A.

Kay said...

The challenge is using colour to balance the weight of the rocks and the church! I'm constantly looking for rhythm and curves to sweep the eye back in to the ruins.

It's testing! :-)

Since that photo I have added quite a bit of highlight to the left hand foreground and I think it's coming together at last.