9 November 2011

food for thought

Today's lesson was about what and when to eat; in particular, which foods should/should not be eaten together. I'm absolutely fine with the five meals a day thing, that is normal for me. I suspect that my portion sizes are a little generous though. However, key points were on what should and shouldn't be eaten together, and that GMO products should be avoided at all cost. That rules out anything with corn in it here in Europe.

Tuna, a ground eater, is also risky it would seem. Certainly that wont be hard to give up as lately the quality of canned tuna available here has gone to mush, as has the tuna in the cans.

Bananas, part of my staple diet, are also suspect and apparently don't suit all people. I have run out of them so will consider not eating them for a week and see what the difference is.

I have already reduced the amount of dairy food I eat, as I feel better without it.

Listening to my body tonight included lots of gurgling as I enjoyed a wonderful couscous turkey and vegetable dish. I am not sure it is that kind of listening I am supposed to be doing!

Today I am grateful for good quality food.

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