11 November 2011


A pomegranate for breakfast today.
They are a bit dry this year, but still beautiful. Pomegranates have lovely stories attached to them. Did Eve really eat a pomegranate? Quite likely, I would say! Here in Italy (and other countries) it is believed to have powers for fertility.

My favourite story is that of Persephone and the seasons. there are much nicer versions than this one but for now I can't look for them, Wikipedia will have to do.

OK, it's back to the picking, there are more trees to do. It is a light crop this year, some trees wonderfully laden and others bare.

Today I am grateful for the magic of Greek legends.


Feijoa said...


Art By Tali Landsman said...

Pomegranate has always been my favorite fruite.
like you've said, they do differ from country to country.

Along the Silk Road in China, they are mostly pink inside, not deep red and very sweet, not tart.

My favorite are the huge ones that are deeply red and sweet and sour.
They are harder to find but so delicious....

With warm pomegranate smiles,

Sarah said...

You're not aiming for another kid, right?
5th time lucky? ;)