15 November 2011

another blog for you to read

Tonight instead of writing much I read another blog I like to follow.

Artist Tali Landsman is also a traveller who makes wonderful comments about life as she observes it. In her "About me" on her website she writes:

I live in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and part time in Kohukohu - a small beach town on the North Island of New Zealand.

I am addicted to traveling, and I use my travels to expand my horizons and to teach me about myself and about the world we live in.
I often translate my impressions and travel experience into art.

In today's post she is in awe of the splendours of New York's Central Park in it's autumn clothes. The photographs are stunning.


Me? Well, today I managed to visit a friend in a huge hospital near Rome. I am very glad that I did. He is looking much better than I expected, and hopes to be home in a couple of weeks. I have promised to be at the celebratory festa. He has always been a kind and gentle support person in the background of my Italian life, and his illness reminds me how we should express our feelings more often and let the people we care about know that they are special in our lives.

Today I am grateful for skilful surgeons and good hospitals.

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Art By Tali Landsman said...

I feel grateful and humbled by your kindness Kay.
Many thanks to you.
It is so nice to see someone so generous in spirit as you. Are.
Hope your friend feel better when he comes home from the hospital.