4 December 2011

yes i am here

I was trying to go without internet for three to four weeks. I guess you could say it has been a bit of a revelation for me.

Things that I thought were important in my daily life are not, really. I will be cancelling some online subscriptions.

After about three days of withdrawal I (almost) didn't even want to check my emails or know about the rest of the world. I now understand some of my non-communicative friends a lot better.

I missed blogging a lot, and had to train my mind to meditate rather than "write in my head".

When I needed to use the internet and couldn't it was not only frustrating but quite stressful until I talked myself through it.

I would love to write something deep and meaningful here, but I am limiting myself to simply let you know that I am still alive and well and simply being antisocial (web-wise) for a month.

Today I am grateful for
good health.

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Art By Tali Landsman said...

I know what you mean Kay...
I also go through times in which I feel that blogging is just not enough...
I suggest that you start writing your meaningful and deeper musings, and you do not even have to post them, unless you feel an urge to.
Maybe there is a book inside you that is waiting to be born...

I also feel the need at times to pull back inside and be silent...

I am writing from the airport, flying back to NZ in15 minutes... Take care,