21 November 2011

absolutely amazing...

I have just read this post, The magic of the Yartsa Gumba, and a bit about Tibetan Tummo, by Tali, and had to share it!

For those of you scared off by the more spiritual and reflective writing maybe you would prefer to scroll down to her description of the amazing caterpillar plant. But I think the writing about self and journeys is also well worth reading. Perhaps it reflects where I am myself, although I am not at the exploring the world with curiosity stage.

Home is best for me, with family as close as is possible in this shrinking world. And home is my mountainside village. I just have to figure out how to pull the family closer...

Yesterday I was completely bowled over by amazing cloud formations. Photos coming when I have time to upload them.

Today I am grateful for my true friends.

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