28 March 2011

chocolate is a food, right?

Piccolina is not well, but no worse. She hasn't lost her appetite, and can beat Zacchi for a piece of real meat, but too much effort has her curled up looking miserable again. When she spots that I have gloves on she can still out-run me, but luckily thinks that hiding in a corner is going to work! She is trying to scratch the top of her head on the mat. If I were not worried about her I would find it hilarious. I didn't know dogs could put their heads at such an angle.

Zacchi says this cold rain is not fun, and the kennel is now too far from the house, so could they both please come in for the evening. That's fine, but one of them smells!

I have spent the day at the computer without wearing my wonderful new computer glasses. How stupid is that?

The kettle has just boiled. I think that says it all. (And yes, the chocolate was for me, not Pickle).

Today I am also grateful for other ex-pats living in Italy.

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