29 March 2011

happiness is...

Domestic goddess?


But today happiness is the smell of cleansers and sparkling clean kitchen floor tiles (OK, perhaps "sparkling" is wishful thinking, after all they were part of the revamp in 1911 and by my reckoning that's one hundred years ago). I have both doors wide open to let the gentle breeze through, and two dogs are stretched out enjoying the sunshine. Bliss!

And me? Well, the car is not back from the garage yet so today the students have to come to me on their way to karate, and then I shall make a cup of tea, take a leaf from the doggy book, and relax. Gosh it's tough, this springtime life!

Thinking though, it is 100 years since this ancient house was restored and the upstairs strengthened. Surely that is cause for celebration? Party under the 500+ year-old arches in the cantina, anyone? Or should I wait until my own restoration projects are finished? (With my track record of completing renovations, best not wait!!!)

Today I am grateful for spring blossoms.

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