18 March 2011

thanks to the artist

Thanks to the artist who commented on FB about a post on this blog, In The Real Art World. What a great exhibition of work by Margaret Bowland. It reminded me of another I saw shortly before leaving New Zealand: a haunting exhibition that has left images, but not the name of the artist, indelibly etched in my mind.

Sometimes we are distracted, perhaps become isolated, and lose inspiration. But when I see work like the work of Bowland, and remember the images I viewed in Auckland, I am suddenly passionate again and can't wait to relocate to my studio and work on the series that has been lying dormant, a series for Legato which was not painted because Legato itself became too demanding of my time.

May I stand on one foot at my doorway and shout across the valley "I'M GOING TO PAINT IMAGES THAT WILL HAUNT YOU FOREVER!" Will that make it happen? Or will I quietly work away and hope that when they are done they halt people in their tracks, demand them to look closely, and leave their mark on the viewers, bringing quiet, contemplative change?

My foot is aching at the thought. I will work quietly, and consider this post to be my loud shouting. Art with a message, but one that finds you, troubles you, forces you to re-evaluate your realities. Oooh that I were that artist, already.

Be the best you that you can be. Be the best artist that you can be. Never, ever, settle for less than your very best. When you think you are there, push yourself a little harder.

Foot, tomorrow it is to the studio. We have work to do.

Today I am grateful for inspirational people.


S said...

Excellent news! Strap yourself to Fizzgig's back with everything you need for the upstairs. Find a helper to take the dogs out. Get to work!
I am excited for your next body of work, and for mine.
New rule for any injury: recovery room is the studio.

Kay said...

They were to be watercolour works, and I am seeing them in oil now... oh no!

Sarah said...

Actually, mamma, is it really bad for your foot to go to your studio? Maybe your studio should travel to you? Gather some friends to bring you your materials. Make it work without injuring yourself.
I am currently composing a work on my laptop in my lounge because I can no longer sit at my desk without Lil'P climbing up on it.
We do what we have to do, right?

Kay said...

Thanks, I had thought of that too, until I realised that I want to work in oils. I think I will relocate a few things as I have a helper coming tomorrow. Foot is improving well. The rest time has been very productive for compositions :-)