21 March 2011

up and about

I celebrated this morning by happily doing the dishes, standing gingerly on my damaged foot - well strapped and on a rubber mat.

Everything is relative, really. This morning I loved doing the dishes, and couldn't wait to do more housework. (Stop laughing, my friend down the hill!)

An hour later I was happy to retreat to the couch again, but being up and moving made me feel so much more human! It got me thinking about all those people in Christchurch again, who have been through so much - and another 5.1 quake in the last day or two - lost friends and family members, lost their homes, faced financial ruin. I couldn't help but think how they would appreciate a sink to stand at, a house to clean, unbroken crockery.

Zacchi is enjoying the prospect of walks with our visitors from Scotland. He has given up on me.

Today I am grateful for a skype call from Melbourne.

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