10 March 2011

this afternoon

The first wild asparagus for the season, thanks to Franca's eagle eyes, are safely on my bench waiting to go into a frittata. They looked like sticks to me, but a keen spotter can tell the difference! Then on the way back up the terraces there were grasses to be found, but again my lack of knowledge holds me back. The difference between a good grass and an upset stomach could be a tiny variation in leaf. The only one I can pick with confidence is puha, although it's Italian name escapes me.

There are many places for sale in the village at the moment. I am not sure if that is because belts are tightening and money must be found somewhere, or because the influx of foreigners like myself has made people think differently about holding on to their spare houses and crumbling edifaces. It will be good seeing the village come back to life again after being more than half empty for so long. I am not sure that I am looking forward to all the extra cars and noise though... on some level I think I am a bit of a hermit, when I am not out in a group working for a common goal.

Today I walked without the dogs, better for me once I got over the guilt. It will soon be time to paint again, it is long overdue.

Today I am grateful for my now tidy studio.

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Sarah said...

Me too, me too! I *just* identified (and overcame) why I have painters block. Kudos to us and our brushes!