14 July 2013

trying to be good

But failing. I couldn't wait... instead of doing more basic work on the last segment I started some of the refining I wanted to do right in the middle... oops!

No self discipline, yes, I know!

Here is this morning's effort...

Some of the metaphor was a bit too subtle perhaps, so now there is no mistaking how horrible the industrial abuse is. (Photographed from a distance because the light was shining too much on the wet paint. The teal blue is not quite so bright in the real). 

Now for lunch... hungry work, painting is, with all the smells of Sunday pranzo around the neighbourhood floating in. The village is filling up with returning residents, and I can hear calling out, French language, people leaning out of windows to chat...gotta love village life! 

Today I am grateful for new energy. 

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