13 July 2013

coming together now

Still a very long way to go, but I think I can see some progress. Just a small image because it is nowhere near my own expectations yet. But it's getting there...

Now for yet another break...

Every time I stop, back aching, eyes tired, exhausted from so much concentration, I remember that so many people think that painting is just a cruisy hobby, and I am soooo lucky to have a talent for it. They have no idea how exhausting it is, how all consuming it can be, and why I now look as though I haven't slept in a week when really it is only four straight days of painting that has done this to me!

PS more progress has been made with the greenery and transition from the middle arch to the next one down. (We had an unexpected power cut before I could post this. It seems there was an accident, but I don't think anyone has been badly hurt, judging by the "meno male" comments floating up into the studio). I'll post another painting update photo later.

Today I am grateful for time to paint. 

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