8 July 2013

it smelt just soooooo goooood!

The hot roast pork sandwiches were just across the road, upwind from the balcony was BBQ lamb... and all I could do was watch with twitching nose from upstairs!
 I tried everything... sniffing up in the air, licking my chops, looking appealingly at mum. I even tried sitting down being perfect...
 And sitting up really concentrating on that BBQ... just in case, you know, mum hadn't twigged...

 Finally I gave up. Mum said that if there were scraps on the road when we went for our morning walk I could eat them then. As if the nasty big stray dogs would leave them for me...

I went out onto the terrace and tried a snail.
 What do you mean, I can look but not lick?
 That didn't go down too well... I think Mum wanted that snail for a painting. Oops!
 Sigh! I'll just sit inside on the floor and pretend that wonderful aroma is not real :-(

Oh, and mum says to tell you that she is not playing favourites, it's just that Pickle was hiding under the bed still after the canon balls fell out of the sky with huge booming sounds that rattled the balcony. She's a wimp, that Pickle... 

Today Mum is grateful for her obedient perfect handsome and adorable little dog.


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