10 July 2013

in the dog box...

No, not the dogs.

I didn't have an exhibition during the festa this year. I had guests and had an exhausting day driving around battlefields and cemeteries on the Saturday. On Sunday I had opened my house to the female violinists who needed somewhere to rest and change, and prior to that when I was contemplating putting the Monte Cassino paintings outside somewhere there had also been a fierce storm - I was reluctant to put easels out after that!  But the truth was, in fact, that I was all exhibitioned out!

The year so far has had so many trips up and down the stairs with paintings that I needed a break. My wrist has one of those little over-use cysts in it, causing me a few niggles and pains, and I have recurring tendonitis in my elbow.

But despite my protests I was urged to exhibit even somewhere outside (I gave a flat refusal to inside the building with security issues, and I have learnt that it also makes my house the only available bathroom for the whole festa for passing women and children).

I said no, and then, under duress agreed to a "maybe, perhaps the second night".

But by the second night the excuse of being open home to musicians was enough for me to opt out.

Yesterday I was accosted again. Why didn't I exhibit? People were expecting to see my paintings... they were asking where I was...


Next year, there's always next year. It seems that you can become an institution in a mere six years in this land of ancient history!

Today I am grateful for integration. 

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