7 July 2013

it's thunderstorm time

and the local festa!

These photos were taken at about 11pm last night when the stall holders were packing up but the concert continued.

Tonight the musicians change for their performance in my apartment... it's a pity that their fame is wasted on me! 

(And right now, at 4.30pm, it is "fair hosing down"... it needs to be dry by 7.30 for the procession!)

Today I am grateful for music and laughter.


N said...

I was THERE this time last year... wish I was again. xx

Kay said...

Wish you were here too!

And thanks to the thunderstorms we didn't need our hero firefighter putting out grass fires after the fireworks :-)

Helen said...

Your summer evenings seem to be filled with music. Hopefully the summer storms don't interrupt the fun.It would be hard to squeeze all the audience into your house as an alternate venue!

Kay said...

It's summer... if you have the energy to track them down there are sagre and concerts all over the valley and in every mountainside/mountaintop town. Cassino itself has already had a week long festival, and another one is being advertised for August. We are into about week three on my side of the valley. This one, however, was literally on my doorstep and out my window, under my feet, up my nose... power generators, music,cheap junk for sale... I am in the dog box for not having an exhibition but this year has just been too busy to even contemplate it!