15 July 2013


As soon as I pulled up this photo on my computer I could see a glaring error that I hadn't noticed on the canvas. Can you spot it? (No, not the angle of the pillars, that is because I had to photograph at an odd angle to avoid light reflecting off the wet oil).

I have decided today, after contemplating it for a few days, to paint the roman road in under the present day water. There is a hugely exciting new dig going on very close to this arch, and the road being uncovered is pristine. The baths are complete, so much new information coming to light. Open day is coming up... I will be there! So, in honour of that dig, I am putting the road back in under this arch and letting the water flow over it. 

PS: I am tempted to paint Rome in the background instead of my beloved hills... well, after all...

Today I am grateful for a little self discipline :-) 

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