9 May 2011

touching base

Home to give Piccolina her bath and her lotion. She would have loved to escape but when I followed her and said that it was bath time she dutifully followed me back to the bathtub. Perhaps she knows it is all to help her. She is looking good, perhaps a little slimmer but that isn't necessarily a problem, and she has energy. If you ignore the fact that she has lost a lot of hair and isn't the beauty she once was, then she is pretty good really.

For me, 1100 kilometres later, I am happy to be able to sleep in my own bed tonight. I am very glad that I have my own space away from other guests, lovely as they are. Once I close the door behind me my thoughts are my own, my space is mine, and I can get on with all I need to do for Legato.

It has been a very interesting time, and I have enjoyed it. However, being navigator, driver, hostess and tour guide all in one is a lot to fit in. My students are missing me, and I need to contact friends who I am neglecting.

I need to paint, and will do so soon. But until I can, there are other things to look forward to.

I am really looking forward to next week when Regan Balzer, the guest exhibitor for Legato, arrives with her work. It is powerful, exciting, challenging work. I can't wait! In the meantime, check out some of her other work here on YouTube or Google her and learn more about this talented and motivated woman.

Today I am grateful for safe arrival home.

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Nicola said...

It's Legato time of year again....