19 May 2011

philosophy and art and other things

A bonus this year is the university students studying in the library next to Legato. They wander in and study the paintings intently, then ask interesting questions. It's good for my Italian! They are all very surprised to learn the significance of the poppy to us. It was well worth putting the essay about this on the wall.

The paintings are hanging well. I changed a couple of smaller ones over this morning because one was not shown to advantage, and put the posters up where I could. Only the notices around the hotels to go. Plans are well in hand for Monday, so all is going as it should for now.

A lovely mid-day pranzo with friends reminded me how much I enjoy the group in Cassino. Conversations cross languages and subjects. This ex-pat mix of people discuss the most interesting things and have been to wonderful places. I learn so much from them.

Pickle continues to progress, and has shown no adverse reaction to her insect repellent collar. I am hoping that by wearing the collar she wont pass the horrible disease on to any other dog. I believe that she may still be infectious even though she is better in herself. The Piccolina Foundation thanks the donors of the collars most profusely!

It is late, I am tired, tomorrow more guests arrive and I have much to do before then! Buonanotte a tutti!

Today I am grateful for a reliable car.

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Nicola said...

Very homesick for Italy today, and wish I was at Legato with you. xxx