2 May 2011

time flies

I didn't realise that time was passing so quickly until I had an email from NZ, checking up on me because I hadn't posted for a while. I have been away from the computer, I had plenty practical things to do!

Anzac day in Rome (see Legato blog)
Visitor from Rome with her NZ teens
Trip to Abbey on Monte Cassino with Kiwi trio
Two trips to Cassino for Legato planning
Trips to vet wtih Piccolina then excursions to locate medicine
Many baths for Piccolina
Corresponding with Legato artists for Cassino, May 16
Trip to Fiumicino to collect visitors (see below)
Being a guide/hostess
Buying herbs (basilico heralds summer for me!)
Teaching the children twice a week
Shopping for teaching resources in Rome
Trip to Valmontone shopping centre for elusive household items
Dinner with good friends from down in the valley
Visit to local exhibition (another story!)

and on it goes!

Now images are arriving for Legato, (very exciting!) and soon the work will be here. The first artist to arrive is asleep downstairs, and I must get moving again, there's work to be done!

In the meantime, a warning for travellers. Your handbag is not safe under the seat in the plane when you sleep. Friends due at the airport at 11am didn't get there until 11.30pm, after their long trip from NZ, thanks to the problems caused when the wallet containing credit cards and tiny camera was stolen while they slept on the plane. They didn't notice at London customs as the passports were with another member of the party. The upshot of all of this was many backwards and forwards trips around Heathrow airport, going through security each time they were sent to another place, and a delay of over 12 hours getting to Rome. For me, already on my way to meet them when they finally got a confirmed flight to Rome, it was better to stay up there rather than make another trip. I am now an expert at avoiding parking fees at the airport! It was a long long day for all of us.

Today I am grateful for helpful bankers in NZ.


Jackerd said...

Reading the list of all the task's made me already tired. While we were thinking you was just occupied with one (big) task.

What an awful start for your friends to go visit "bella Italia". I'm sorry for them (but I'm glad It didn't happened in Italy)

nicola said...

That's quite the brazen theft...