18 May 2011

message from outside

Really Mum, you had better get your act together! You forgot my antibiotic this morning, you haven't lathered me with that smelly stuff this week, and tonight you had to be reminded to take us walking. As if that wasn't enough, you were slow coming up the stairs, we had to wait while you dithered about with leads and keys, and then you couldn't keep up with us when we went up to the piazza.

Honestly, you are old enough to know that fireflies are for barking and snapping at, and you didn't need to yank so hard on my lead when I nearly caught one. And as for when we got to Vincenza's cats, well, you were a fair old spoil-sport!

I suppose it was OK though, and I tried to be good and patient when we got home again. A short walk is better than no walk at all.

Did you notice that when Zacchi barked I was even louder tonight? My voice is good again.

Now about that little sausage treat with the anti-bug pill you hide in it...

Love from Piccolina


Teacake said...

Nice to hear from you Piccolina :-) Ciao a Zacchi e alla nonna molto occupata e attiva :-)

Jackerd said...

Well done, Piccolina. Tell her. . .

Like always, but especially now, you're more important then her other "hobby's"