18 May 2011

all on the wall

Legato is up; all paintings have found their places. I am tempted to bring in a few more for the foyer, but will probably photocopy photographs from the war to bring attention to the bigger display of artworks.

The only decisions to be made now are the fun ones! It is looking good. This year the works have room to breathe, there are distinctive bodies of works by selected artists, and the range is still interesting. It is a mixture of new work and works back by popular demand, as well as the three from the permanent collection.

It feels good.

So will my feet soon, they have been well used lately!

I enjoyed hanging the works with Regan, her quiet calm manner being just what I needed while making decisions.

Today I am grateful for a gentle helping hand.


Anonymous said...

all the best for another success Kay, well done. A,

Nicola said...

Really wish I was there, can't wait for photos!