2 May 2011

artful dodger

When I spent Saturday evening cooling my heels at Fiumicino I was in the dog box back at home. I was supposed to be curating an exhibition as I did last year. I had phoned, texted and Face Booked my apologies, but not one of my messages got through to the president of the Association. Eventually, when I didn't appear, they phoned me. I was not popular. However, as I was not popular the year before for creating waves and putting the event and exhibition ahead of the egos of the artists I was secretly quite pleased to be out of it this year.

I went down to the show to put in my apologies in person, and see how things were. I was severely told off again, for not at the very least having sent someone along with my paintings.

The funny thing was, they had produced a great show... patterned almost exactly on the layout I had come up with the previous year, but this time it was done cooperatively and all egos were intact! Perhaps I was absent for a different reason :-)

I have got the message though, loud and clear. Even if I can't make the one in another town in two weeks time, my paintings had better be there, no excuses permitted!

I hadn't realised that, like last year, they had the posters printed with my name on it as both exhibitor and curator. No wonder I was in the dog box well and truly. It took some fast talking in very apologetic Italian to escape that one. Luckily the show was a success. Whew! I live for another day...

Today I am grateful for friends behind the scenes.

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Nicola said...

Artful Dodger indeed...