8 May 2011

along the way

I made a short visit to the Palomba Scupture Park at Matera on the way to take better pictures of the sassi (see previous post), where the sun was going down when I got to the viewpoint the day before. A short detour the following morning remedied that; I have now more sassi photos than anyone could ever need!

That day I had only a tantalising glimpse of the sculpture park, while my passengers exclaimed over one quirky sculpture in particular. I had to keep my eyes on the traffic, while driving and navigating at the same time. This time I pulled in, and saw a tiny corner of the park.

The quirky squashed car was a delight, but the other scuptures, against a glorious sky, held me for longer.

This blogger, Ephi, on the free travel blog www.everlater.com has an excellent history and some great photos of Matera. The blog also has a close-up of the squashed car sculpture, but if you read on then ignore the section on Ravello; my experience of Ravello was so very different! Here (if you can visit outside peak tourist season) you can really experience a different way of life! Oh to be wealthy, living in a different time!

I wore out my poor travellers walking them up and down steps and stairs, so they are having a quiet time in Amalfi today while I catch up on some work.

Here is a taste of Ravello for you:

(Ummm... actually, these selected photos make it look far more peaceful than it really was! I am a patient photographer and good at waiting for the tourists to move away).

Today I am grateful for peaceful places.

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Sarah said...

Just beautiful!