13 February 2011

ticking things off the list

It's that time again, when you choose between what gets done and what was never important in the first place. I am spending far too many hours at the computer, instead of enjoying a glorious NZ summer. My eyes are aching and I am on my second amount of credit on the T stick.

List time!

Urgent: details to slot into the brochure, mainly the list of artists for NZ and the captions for the art works.

I've still got designing the postcards to go. I am waiting for some images from artists, and trying to get my head around what should be on the reverse side. Time is running out for that.

I had hoped to design a business card for Legato but I simply don't have the inspiration at the moment, and have managed fine with my old card up until now. If I do it it has to be right. Not all good ideas are essential. Maybe that should be the goal for the Cassino exhibition in May.

I am way behind where I wanted to be on the Legato blog, but I will have more time for that after opening night.

Counting down, but not panicking. That's pretty good really!


Out the door does not necessarily mean exercise for me... tonight I spent a lovely evening watching my super-dad running, timing his sprints for him as he sets new goals for more records. If I can look as good at 90, and have as much dedication to following my dreams as he has, life will be good.

But then... feeling all inspired by the Kiwi summer, watching the seagulls circling over the Domain, glimpsing the sea and the Mount driving in to the athletic track, I indulged in fish and chips for dinner. Aaaaah but they were good! (Sorry daughters, I guess I'm not really very vegetarian at all!)

Today I am grateful for being able to go barefoot.

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