14 February 2011

another day glued to the screen

My eyes are screaming enough, but there is one more job to do. Time to take a break, and come back feeling more alert, ready to finish the last details before heading to the printer tomorrow. Postcards to promote Legato and hopefully raise some funds to keep the project closer to solvency.

Woohoo, I have downloaded successfully from Vimeo, thanks to my support team at Feijoa Films. Now to see what the sound is like in a bigger space. I am torn between being proud of the work I am doing and embarrassed by my inadequacy in front of a camera. For now I will hide behind that fact that I was exhausted, and could hardly string a sentence together when the filming took place. I feel a little raw and exposed, but it's all for a good cause. At the end of the day that is what matters. Egos are simply a problem, getting in the way of the real issues.

Thinking of egos, it is time I read something for pleasure again. I will always associate ego, or at least the stripping away of ego, with the wonderful book by Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth. I have just googled that and been surprised to see the moving promo... it always saddens me to see commercial hype getting in the way of an honest message.

Now, my minder in Melbourne, I hear you asking why I am blogging when I have already been at the computer far too long. I think it is my way of relaxing, down loading, chilling out. A bit like blogging to tell myself that I am home safely late at night, when there is noone to check up on me. Few know how much there is to do organising an exhibition from the other side of the world, and at the moment I have three on the go. Roll on the days when they are established enough for others to help out in their respective countries.

It's been an OK kind of day and the list of jobs to do is getting smaller all the time. Now to put in some quality time with my sisters and nephews and I will be on my way home again. Usually I am happy to go, but this time I would rather stay at Waihi Beach; a large part of my heart is going to remain there when I go.

Today I am grateful for warm temperatures and wonderful family.


Teacake said...

How did you know?!?!

Kay said...

Once upon a time a little girl complained that her mum had told her off for something she was about to do as she was thinking about it, she hadn't even got as far as doing it! Mums just know... you'll see :-)