14 February 2011

so it was san valentino today...

As I write this my friends in Italy will be waking to a day of romance... yes, you know who you are, down in the valley. Happy Valentine's Day to you both!

This link is just for you... have a great day, and a lovely dinner tonight! I might have an aversion to the commercial side of the day, but I have no problem at all wishing you a very pleasant and, yes, a very romantic evening. Go on, it will do you the world of good I am sure! (Now how do I write that in Dutch?)

Today I am grateful for internet communication.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately we've missed all that romance on San Valentino and even our "romantic dinner" was a sandwich.

I was more thinking of you and your Valentines date!!

I'll send you a email with details. ♥

Kay said...

Hahaha... no, no romantic date for me! I have to admit that Legato is my full time love, and I spent the day working on that then cooked my Dad sausages for dinner.

I have come to the conclusion that while dreams were nice I like my freedom too much, and it's the single life for me!