25 February 2011

sitting in a sunbeam

It's good to be back in my own home, but strange too.

There were so many things left undone in NZ, but it was a time to focus on the most important things. Family first, always. That includes extended family, and I am grateful for quality time with one long-time family friend in particular. Thanks George for the lunches and morning teas and allowing me to take over your space without warning to unpack a pile of art works! The philosophy and country music was a bonus :-)

Then Legato, which is the other "big thing" in my life and which depends on me to keep it growing for now. The blog is waiting patiently for the NZ Legato photos, some of which can be found on the Wallace Gallery website. (Scroll down to below the text, or go to the image gallery page). In time Legato will be big enough for me to step back a little, but for now it is my all-consuming mission.

To my friends reading this blog I am sorry that as things turned out there was not even a phone call from me. It is actually easier to stay in touch from Italy where my time is my own.

It was hard leaving at a time of crisis in NZ, and at the moment I am a Kiwi through and through. I am usually happy to be back in Italy and feel "local" after being away. This time I would rather be in NZ even though there is little I can do to help friends and family in Christchurch.

It was almost a relief, on the plane from Dubai, to hear a little Italian and understand what was being said. Four weeks of only English and no study was not in the plan; I usually study well when in NZ but events this trip made my language study of no importance at all.

Legato (Cassino 2011) plans must take over my thoughts again, but it is hard to tear myself away from the Christchurch updates.

It is chilly here, but the birds are singing and the sun is streaming in. Spring has arrived, albeit clothed in frost and big dumpings of snow on the ranges across the valley.

Today I am grateful for my two countries.

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