28 February 2011

last night

At a (simple) dinner last night friends were teasing me about my "simple" life. I looked at my calendar this morning, and began the list of urgent and overdue tasks. Perhaps they have a point.

My aim (as always) is to be more efficient, streamlined, and make the most of every aspect of every day. Big sigh of relief to be able to locate everything I need for the next few days. I think I am on target... eliminate, eliminate, eliminate!

I could start by avoiding the computer a bit more... but as I write this, some wonderful music playiing in the background, the camera downloading photos from Legato at the Wallace Gallery, breakfast number two beside me (and it is not even 8am yet) I think how good life is and that all I really need to do to keep on top of chores is employ a housekeeper. OOOH what a tempting thought!

Today I am grateful for rain bringing slightly warmer temperatures.


Jackerd said...

Maybe they weren't teasing you about your simple life but were they shocked by the statement you made (in between your return of NZ and going away again): "I lead a simple life".

Kay said...

:-) It's quite simple, really... eat, sleep, dream, and Legato, Legato, Legato!

Teacake said...

Yes, your friends are right!

And, to be absolutely honest, I don't believe you want to simplify. Perhaps to streamline things and become more efficient, (or to win lotto and be able to do it all easily!)

But there's almost nothing - at least, none of the large, time-and-energy-consuming things - that you actually want to eliminate.

My humble $0.02 ;-)

Kay said...

The truth is, I just procrastinate when it comes to housework... once upon a time I thought I was superwoman, trying to do it all, but then I realised I could just focus on other things!

A quick trip to London for a single appointment is actually less stressful and tiring than a long hot day in Rome!

Jackerd said...

You didn't need to add that last phrase. Now I need to respond!
If you went to rome now instead of London (2 hours instead of 10 hours trip) and got to the "Musei Capitolini", per example, would make you much less tired and not sweaty at all.
It would save you money and one or two days (Time for tidying up or whatever).

Kay said...

May I have both then? I think Rome is better in the winter, but not when it is raining, and London in the summer.

Now I REALLY have to leave the computer, and maybe tidy a little...

a presto!