19 September 2013

delivered in a green frame

Choosing the frame was difficult.
Orange looked bright and bouncy for the colourful mum of this new baby, but detracted from the letters.
Blue for a boy did nothing for the image.
In the end I opted for a green frame that made the red, orange and yellow bounce off the page and seemed to give better depth to the little image inside the O.
The frame looks insipid in the photo I took rather hastily before I delivered the gift, so I wont post it here. You'll have to believe me that a green frame with a white surround was the best option in the pre-cut frame department of the hardware store.

This is a watercolour. I usually paint these in acrylic using watercolour techniques to start with. I think that is better than a straight watercolour, but this is ok too. The advantage of using acrylics is that as I strengthen colours later the acrylic doesn't move. This time I had to be very careful of my black edges, and I did spoil a few as I deepened or added to background colours. It's always a learning curve...

Today I am grateful for family videos. 

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