14 September 2013


Yesterday was rather a "down day". And for some reason I let it get me down. That's not like me.

I felt pushed around, let down, used. Texts were not replied to, so I couldn't make plans. Visitors didn't arrive but didn't let me know that they had changed their plans. Other plans made were not honoured. Another friend seemed to be playing mind-games, games that hurt. And it all happened when I was missing my recent visitors, when I needed an up, not a down.

I took myself to a concert on a hilltop, wonderful music, amazing views. I was up, but I still felt down.

But that was yesterday.

This morning travelling minstrels sang at my door. My flatmate and I enjoyed breakfast together and sensible conversation lifted my spirits. And then in my in-box arrived this post from The Minimalists. I feel much better now.

I know that I am worthy, and that is enough.

Today I am grateful for appropriate words. 


Teacake said...

<3 <3 <3 <3

Jamie said...


Sarah said...

You are a perfect human being. Never forget that. We all are, so perfect.