3 September 2013


Thoroughly enjoying being splashed, slobbered on, dribbled on, cuddled and hugged.
Neurotic about insects, mosquitoes, allergies. 
Tonight I am blogging only because I want to be near the baby monitor when I am not on my knees beside the sleep-tent set up on a mattress on the bedroom floor. 

Yes, I am loving my little visitor. The youngest grandie is the first to come to Italy. And at the airport she put her arms out and greeted me with a huge smile, coming into my arms as though it was the most natural thing in the world to do. 

Skype, thank you! I think she recognised her nonna. 

I am now the proud owner of a playpen, a Winnie the Pooh bedcover (for crawling on) and various other things I hadn't needed before. 

It does make you think though, how small the world has become and how easy travel is. There was a time when moving to another country meant not seeing your family again. Now that kind of move really was brave! 

Today I am grateful for family ties. 

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Helen said...

Happy happy times - you enjoy every minute Nonna :-)