27 November 2012

winter is here

Almost overnight the leaves fell off the trees, the fog rolled in and the temperature plummetted. Hibernation looks like a good option.

Two little dogs continue to make me laugh.

Sensing that winter was around the corner I stooped to check the dog kennels yesterday (or was it the day before?)  There was a loose board in Zacchi's and the plastic cover was showing signs of wear and tear. Poor little fellow, time for some maintenance.

I repaired the board, closed up the buckets against the side where the breeze was coming in, restored the rubber mats to the right place (one of them had pushed them out in hotter days) and put the car floor mat out to dry ready to go back in. I retrieved a new cover from the storage shed, but didn't get as far as assembling that over the kennels. Zacchi was excited.

I went inside, did a few chores, then looked out the window. Piccolina was installed in the newly comfortable kennel and Zacchi was looking bereft outside.

Today, I hope, the status quo will be restored. She's a bully at times, that Pickle.

Today I am grateful for warm clothes. 

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