8 November 2012


The terraces are being cleared and cleaned up again.  Whew! I might get the olive crop in after all.  It was looking doubtful for a while.

The wonderful thing is what it has done for my spirits, seeing it all clean and clear under the trees.  It was all I could manage to keep it clear around the feijoa trees.  I found it most depressing looking out at the work that I couldn't cope with myself, and no other workers could be found... well, none arrived when they said they would, and I was resigned to the jungle getting worse before it got better.

My whistling worker might have a history best not told, he may have his faults, but his cheerful and thorough approach to the work makes a huge difference in my life.  Running on coffee, sugar, and the occasional bottle of water, he works like a trojan.  Ours is a strange kind of friendship, but a friendship it really is.

Today I am thankful for the return of my helper.


Nicola said...

Yay! I thought olive picking time was over already?

Kay said...

No, some trees are still green. I like to pick earlier to get that peppery taste, but weather permitting there is still time. Many people are about like me, still getting ready to start. The olives haven't started falling yet.

nicola said...


Anonymous said...

I am so very pleased to read that your olive trees are producing and you will have a crop. You need that oil! It is so multi purpose and it has the added bonus of giving you great satisfaction when you press the fruit and see the oil.