29 November 2012

bad weather

Every time I think I will write a blog post thunder rumbles and I have to unplug the internet and computer. Piccolina and Zacchi think it's all a bit confusing.  

Tomorrow is not looking too much brighter.

I thought I would be blogging on, writing wonderful gems, thrilling cyberspace with my wit and wisdom... but...

Mother Nature has other ideas for me.

Just saying.

Today I am grateful for hot food and warm clothing.


Helen said...

Dogs don't like thunder! Enjoy the rain and put on dry shoes and sock when it stops and take the dogs for a walk to burn up some of their energy!

Kay said...

They were confused about being stepped over on the mat each time I dashed to the plug to save the internet thingummyjig from power surges.

When it comes to thunder they are opportunists, whimpering at the door to come inside! That's the only time they are likely to turn a walk down!