19 November 2012

time out

I'm still here, just resting! It was a marathon week, ending yesterday with an extremely long memorial service at the German cemetery which stoically proceeded to the end despite all the rain. There would have been some pretty wet uniforms being dried out last night.


The olives were picked by an amazing international group of volunteers who climbed ladders, sat up in trees, knelt on nets and generally showed me what wonderful friends I have. We were almost a G8, and certainly were GR8.

Countries represented in, under or up the olive trees: Holland, England (via France), Belgium, Mexico, USA, Italy (bless you Franca, you saved the nation's reputation) and for New Zealand yours truly (now somewhat frayed around the edges).

232 kilos of olives produced 32 litres of green, tangy oil. Output was down considerably this year as the olives are not ripening. Many people are holding off picking waiting for more mature crops with sweeter oil, but at this stage of the year I am very grateful that mine are safely pressed.  Who knows what the weather will bring.

This year's oil is perfect on home made bread with plenty of seeds in it. Thanks to my well prepared friend who travelled a long way to help with the olives and even brought his kitchen with him!

Today I am grateful for safe travel.


Nicola said...

Another olive harvest missed by me... (:

Helen said...

Somehow I missed this when you posted it. I loved the international olive pickers tale. I'm sure there was much shared laughter and stories as the work was done. Those litres should last till next season?

Kay said...

Yes, even when giving more than half away there is still enough in my cantina for you Helen! I don't really use so much myself, once the excitement of the pressing passes. I still had ten litres left from last year so am well stocked.

I didn't "share" my crop last year, my pickers had accommodation for a while instead of payment in oil, and most of the liquid gold stayed with me.

It doesn't seem much after all that work, so many man-hours, but then it seems to last OK. Litres per kilo are down this year, and apparently mine pressed out relatively well compared with others so I am content that my trees are still doing well.