23 November 2012


I was about to head to Cassino for the presentation of a new book written by a member of the English speaking group I sometimes spend some time with. It was going to be interesting, a good test for my Italian, and I would catch up with some friends. The book is Stanley Kubrick and Me (not yet out in English) by Emilio D'Alessandro.

Then I remembered that my car insurance sticker, kindly paid for me by a friend as is usual, hadn't arrived. I take the bill and the money to him and a few days later I collect my windscreen display coupon and all is well. It saves me a trip to Cassino. This year, as I was picking olives, he came and collected the money from me. Even more helpful service. Until he went out with with the coupon still in his car, and I needed it to leave the house.

I think I am in prison until he returns from places unknown and brings me my escape passage. The car is insured, but if I were to be stopped by the carabinieri it would be an instant fine, probably of about 40 euros, for not having the current piece of paper with me. I learnt this the hard way by going out without the car's libretto, papers, a couple of years ago. Until then I didn't really understand which pieces of paper were to be carried in the car and which I could file away.

In this land of breaking the rules as a daily part of living, there are some I am not prepared to risk. If there is a chance that I will be parted from my money the rules do not seem to bend my way.

Today I am grateful for a peaceful evening and a glass of wine. 


Jackerd said...

I'm not sure if this is a good excuse, but enjoy your wine

Sarah said...

^ Ha! Rulebreaker! <3