21 November 2012

head in the sand

Sometimes I am glad that I am a bit naive and unworldly.

Today I was reading a British newspaper on line and had to look up the term milf. No, there is no link posted. You can google it yourself. What is a milf? I had no idea. Apparently there is milfporn too. I certainly had no idea (and still don't really know what it is!)

Many of my English friends say that they want to leave England, they don't like what their country has become. I'm beginning to understand why.

This is the article that I read. Now I have to ask, is this true? Is it someone's idea of a funny article? What in the world really is going on?

I think I'll just go back to my own little world; it's very peaceful here!

Today I am grateful for calm. 


nicola said...

Milf is an american acronym. And what's the problem with a nation evolving? I'd hate to stay in a place that was always the same.

Kay said...

Evolution is (mostly) good, but sometimes too fast for me!

I guess when you deliberately place yourself in a place that is "back in time" and avoid cities then you (I) have to expect to be behind the times!