6 April 2012

spring is beautiful - even without gambolling lambs

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and somewhere in the middle!
I don't miss the farm animals until springtime, when I remember the neighbour's lambs - and then I remind myself of the calf-rearing trials and tribulations and think that my life is OK just as it is!

(Actually I lie to myself just a little... I remember the good things, the lovely smell of the cows and the warm wet noses of the calves as I taught them to drink from a bucket - all the bad things like slipping in the mud, freezing on frosty mornings, calf scours, an aching back and red, infected, bitten fingers seem to have slipped out of active memory).

Today I am grateful for my camera.


Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Piggy, you look wonderful.Where is your play mate? ca

Kay said...

Zacchi wanted to stay close to me, under the camera lense, always hopeful of affection or a "w a l k".
Piccolina preferred the stripes of sunbeams; I must have given her too many treats and the little glutton was satisfied to stay in the sun!

Nicola said...

Looks LOOOOVERLEY out there...