30 April 2012

difficult composition

This one is a difficult composition with the actual source photo being a very linear composition.  Knowing how particular my military friends are about detail this makes any deviation rather risky for me.  After a lot of thought I have simply combined source photos taken a few kilometres apart and taken the risk of minor inaccuracies (as I have with the buildings) simply because this is a painting with a message, not a record of history. 

I have just lost my painting (and photography) light.  The poppies on the right of the painting are just as bright as those on the left.  I need to be careful now with the added burnt olive trees that I haven't overbalanced the composition, but I think that in real life and good light the balance is held by the colours and tonal values.  I mustn't forget to do the centres of the poppies!

and a little more on this one:
(same comment about light on poppies applies.  It's that difficult time of day).

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