5 April 2012

paintings to next stage

But not really ready to be photographed yet. They are at the rather uninspiring "blocked in" stage where there is no detail but I am working on the tonal values prior to beginning the serious painting. This stage is where they could possibly be mistaken for almost finished very bad paintings, so I think I will hide close-ups of them a bit longer.

Soon one of them will demand to be finished ahead of the other three, and I will then add some more photos.

I was thinking, as I painted this morning, that I don't teach people to paint the messy way I paint myself. Do as I say, and as I might demonstrate, but not as I actually DO with acrylics! I developed bad habits a long time ago, long before I ever went to a class, and as they are part of my method of finding my way into a creation I don't really try to reform my old habits.

And no, it wasn't a bad habit you might have seen had you been on the street below my studio this morning... windows flung open, Ella Fitzgerald singing happily on the CD player - that was my morning fizzy VITAMINS in the wine glass in my hand. (Wine glass was still on the bench from visitors in the studio several days ago, my house keeping hasn't improved!)

Today I am grateful for travelling friends.

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