25 April 2012

in the morning light

In the morning light I can see where I got to last night.  The lighting makes a huge difference in the photos.  

I am heading for Cassino now, for my own little ANZAC Day routines, and then will spend the rest of the day on my paintings for the exhibition in three weeks time.  I think that with a bit more effort this one might make it into the exhibition too.  

I wont sign off this post, as I hope there will be updates later in the day.  

Well, much much later, it has been a wonderful day.  No painting, but a much better day than I had planned.

I went first to the cemetery with my bag of poppies, thinking I would place a few and offer poppies to any visitors there.  The first I met were an Australian couple whom I had met briefly in their hotel where I had gone for a meeting on Monday.  Then a tour group arrived, and I talked to the guide.  There were seven Australians in the group, a mixture of other nationalities, and the lovely Belgian guide who lives very close to the cemetery.  She has been in Italy for five years too.  I think we will meet again.

The Australian couple offered to help with the tidy-up at the New Zealand monument, so we cut back the plant that had dwarfed the marble and the monument breathes again.

I then hi-jacked them and brought them home to experience a little of my wonderful part of paradise, and they have just left after a lovely dinner in my village.  It has been a wonderful day, beginning with solemn observations in the cemetery and ending with exchanging email addresses with new friends.

Today I am grateful for caring people. 

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