17 April 2012

no stamina

It's 8pm and I'm absolutely done in. There was a time that I could paint all day and half the night, or occasionally all the night. Now I am struggling to paint a full working day. There are still two paintings with poppies only blocked in, and the other two have had a bit of shaping done but no finishing details on the flowers.

I wish I could find the energy to bounce back up to the studio and start all over again. A shower and hair wash would do the trick, telling me that my day was just starting, but tomorrow is also looming and I know that I need to sleep fairly early to cope with a longish day that includes teaching until 8pm, then dinner with my house guests.

Aaargh! Once I thought that I was superwoman, but now I know that I am a mere mortal... I have just watched a short video by Robert Hagan who makes painting look so easy. Then I look at Merv Appleton's elegant brush strokes and wish I were painting in oils rather than acrylics. I have been using a lot of scumbling today, and that is a long way from elegant. It does suit my subject though, so on it will go.
...you could say I succeeded at keeping the brush strokes loose.

Tomorrow I have little time for the studio, if any. I wanted to be further ahead with these before I took a break.

Maybe I can call on some super powers after all, and head upstairs... ???

PS, it's now 10pm and this time I have finished for the night. Brushes are washed, eyelids are heavy.


LindyLouMac in Italy said...

I hope you slept well:)

Sarah said...

Looking AWESOME!