10 January 2012

will it snow will it snow will it snow?

I am so inspired by the sunset that I want to break into song. Yes, you can sing along too, you just wont know what words I am singing! I'm sitting by the heater... the warmth is quite delightful, there's lalalala la laaa, la la la, la la la,lalalaaaa.

It is FFFFFRRRRREEEEzing outside, so much so that I cooked a warm dinner for two little dogs. They have to learn to stay outside because the people coming to stay soon are bringing a cat with them... and Yes, I did warn them about Piccolina!

I think I have ticked another "once upon a time it seemed incredibly urgent" job off my list. Tomorrow I will line up another one.

I have a list, I'm checking it twice... where DO these Christmas tunes keep coming from? Perhaps I am in the mood to write rhyme... Mother Goose, it is all YOUR fault! But back to the list. It is diminishing wonderfully!

One step at a time, without any rush or panic, with plenty of stopping to marvel at the view, to ponder, with no real pressure, and the things that were in the "two hard basket" are ticking themselves off quite nicely.

Anyway, all I really wanted to do was share the beautiful sunset (which was much more intense than my photo suggests), spare a thought for the folks at Waihi Beach who wonder what other tragedies or perils each wave will bring in, and then maybe, MAYBE, even turn on the television for an hour of Italian!



Teacake said...

Is it my computer, or is your sunset photo even less intense than you desribe?

That's an oblique way of saying I can't see it ;-)

Kay said...

Uploaded again. I couldn't see it this time round either. I uploaded it directly from the album to a new blog, and copied and pasted, to save time. Apparently that doesn't work, although it was there when I posted the blog.

And it didn't snow... or if it did, I was up too late to see it on the hills.

Kay said...

PS, look where the sunset was, right over Terracina way, well round from its normal place. I turn my back for 3 weeks and they go shifting the sun on me!