25 January 2012

compulsory viewing?

I watched the film "Dolphin Tale". Not important enough an event for a blog post perhaps, but for me it was important.

You see, every time I see something like that I respond... like a teacher! I want to take that wonderful "feel good" family film and share it with classes of young people. I want to pull from it the issues, to look at it from the points of view of the English and Media Studies teacher I once was.

Have I ruined my own enjoyment of films by seeing them through these eyes, or am I getting much more from them as I draw from them on so many different levels?

Or is it just that once a teacher always a teacher applies?

You see, even in Italian it (Dolphin Tale) works for me, so imagine what I could do with it in English!

I am not going to tell more about the film. You choose - follow these links or go to the movies/video hire and watch it first. Click here to read Wikipedia (about the film and the real event it was based on). Click here for the official trailer of the movie on Youtube.

Today I am grateful for
socially responsible film makers.

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