18 January 2012

why oh why?

Why is it human nature to always think the worst?

Today my internet provider called, wanting to pop in and "discuss something". With my erratic residence here occasionally my bills are paid late, or paid via paypal by a friend if I am away for a longer time. I am not convinced that the records at the admin end are always accurate even when all is paid so occasionally pay what I think is an extra month, because of my own haphazard book keeping. I have also put in a splitter and have internet in the studio, and hadn't confessed that to them. Or, in these difficult and competitive times, was this small company closing down and was I about to lose my link to the outside world?

I feared the worst.

I opened the door to find not one but two men standing there. The one I hadn't met looked very business like, smartly dressed and carrying a briefcase.

The problem? None at all.

The company I was with has been taken over by one from Frosinone (provincial capital for Lazio). I have a new contract, faster internet, and will pay a euro a month less for the service!

Another bonus is that bills will come every two months, so that is one less queue at the post office.

And best of all? I still have the same obliging young man as technician, so if there is a problem I will see no change at all.

The day is looking bright indeed!

Today I am grateful for good news.


Jackerd said...

Sounds like Hellotel !?

Kay said...

Frosinone Wireless