5 January 2012

next generation

A runner is born.It's a dedicated supporter who waits so patiently with Nonna on the sideline, knowing that the laps do come full circle. Soon he is running with mummy. This morning he was running around the kitchen.
Ok, so that's the running taken care of.

Oh Nonna, that's not right... Tomorrow I'll claim back my bike and think about triathlons, maybe.

Today I am grateful for sunshine.


Sarah said...

Not like that! Nonna! Not like that!

Jackerd said...

You just have to put him in your suitcase

Kay said...

He is just 3 lb over the limit for hand luggage, I think his other grandmother must have worked out my plan and been feeding him secretly... think we can run it off in 24 hours?

Sarah said...

I think we should just get him a ticket of his own. ;)

Kay said...

Mmmmm I think the time difference might have put these comments out of order.

No, P, not like that. Better a ticket of your own, and one for mummy and daddy too :-)