16 January 2012

happiness personified

That's how I feel. I love where I live, and I love my life.

Today, driving towards the sunset, the hills glowed. A peachy pink touched everything.

Snug in my jacket and scarf I could appreciate the winter with its glorious days.

The sky this morning was a wonderful cobalt, not a touch of cerulean anywhere, and not a cloud to be seen. But this evening, as though they knew they were needed, the clouds appeared to reflect the glowing sun and whisper the end of the day.

The simple life; good food, but not too much of it, good friends, warm clothing, a safe house. Two little dogs chewing on their treats; a brisk walk to keep us moving.

Today a friend was asked to clean for a wealthy couple in a nearby town. She returned quite shaken. "How could I work in that house, it was like the palace at Caserta" she said. "There are people who have nothing; how can I be in those surroundings without feeling so bad for the poor people?"

There is affluence and there is excess. Where does one draw the line? I like beautiful things, and I very much enjoy comfort. I hope I can always recognise the difference between need and greed.

One can't judge by appearances. Who knows what good deeds the wealthy might do, unspoken, unseen? In fact, one shouldn't judge at all.

I hope that I keep things in proportion, at least most of the time. How does one know when enough is enough?

Today I am grateful that I have enough.


Jackerd said...

Don't you worry. There still is a long way to go before people can say that of you, or your house. ;-)

Kay said...

Aaah, so you think that plumbing is a necessity too? OK, maybe I'll get hot water in the kitchen eventually... but first I must decide where I want my kitchen!

Jackerd said...

HOT water in the kitchen?? This could be the beginning. . . .

Kay said...

On second thoughts... :-)

The house has yet to tell me where the kitchen wants to be!

But right now one little Zacchi is quite vocal so I am being called to walk.