24 December 2011

'twas the night before

I avoid the shops at Christmas time. I don't enjoy stress or crowds. I am anti-consumerism and hate to see people over-spending to purchase things they don't need and ultimately wont want.

Give me some gentle Christmas music, the smell of home cooking, and peace on earth.

Yesterday a neighbour called, bringing a gift for our little man. He remembered me, chatted a while, then walked across the lawn to his home. There is no fence between us. I like that.

I have, once again, woken far too early. It gives me wonderful meditation time. This is what I have been contemplating just now. Tali, once more, provides clear thinking in her blog. Agree or disagree, it is your choice. In fact, to read it or not is also your choice. Perhaps, because it is Christmas Eve, you are too busy.

It will soon be Christmas morning in the land where I was born. just this one last sleep to go. Three and a half hours to wrap the last presents, go to church, sing some carols, check that the fridge door is still safely closed. To my friends and family on the other side of the world, may your days be merry and bright, and may you stay sun-safe from morn till night.

Today I am grateful for learning.

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